Mission and vision

Our Mission

Trade Center Europe is a fully developed multifunctional complex of 16 buildings spread over 70 decares of land. The buildings in the complex were constructed over different periods of time and were built using the most environmentally friendly materials available at the time. The aim of each building is to cater to the needs and provide the highest level of convenience to its users. Green recreation areas were created to bring comfort and harmony to busy working days. The management of the complex channels all its energy into making the Trade Center Europe a Home for Your Business – an oasis of relaxed working environment, combined with areas for relaxation, comfortable restaurants, sports centers, many green areas and additional services.

Our aims in the management and maintenance of the building and surrounding areas are:

  • To preserve, improve and maintain a comfortable working environment;
  • To ensure that technical equipment and installations are in working order;
  • To ensure that green areas are clean, safe, secure and well cared for;
  • To optimize the functioning of receptions, restaurants and recreation areas.



Our Vission:

  • We aim to create an integrated gated community with all the associated services allowing the users and visitors of the Trade Center to achieve harmony with the environment and to increase their business results.
  • We appreciate the needs and demands of the users of the buildings.
  • Our professional work ensures high self-esteem and prestige for the people working in the complex.

Business Ethics:

Our work is based on the following basic principles:

  • Transparency: Our principle is to provide up-to-date and objective information to our customers.
  • Communication Culture: We are open, honest and constructive in our communications and we work together to find solutions.
  • High Professional Standards: Our employees are very well trained and hold personal responsibility for the quality of their work.
  • We offer top-level products and aim to prove ourselves as professional, serious and reliable partners, practicing a high level of corporate responsibility and always supporting our clients.