On the ground floor of Building 15 is located restaurant “Pure” – a la carte restaurant with a prevailing Italian menu. 

The restaurant is situated in a luxury lounge with excellent furnishing and contemporary equipped kitchen. 

Adjoining the restaurant there is an appertaining garden which – according to the season – is either covered and heated or open and cooled by a small fountain running down the single glass wall.

This garden is also the single catering establishment in the complex where smoking is allowed, according to the latest regulations.

It is most convenient to reach restaurant “Pure” by car through entrances “А” and “В”, and by van – through entrance “В”.

Building 15 of Trade Center Europe has won the prestigious award “Building of the year” for 2011 in the category “multifunctional buildings and complexes”.

Building 15 is the first one in Bulgaria certified according to the globally recognized British certificate for sustainable and green buildings BREEAM.