Building 15



Building 15 is the newest landmark building of Trade Center Europe which forms the pattern of the compound. It was put into operation in 2010. The building accommodates offices, warehouses, show room and restaurant. The offices have finished and operating amenities, while the remaining areas are finished upon tenant’s order at the expense of the lessor. Luxurious finishing works of the office areas are performed in accordance with an architectural design elaborated in advance and coordinated and approved by the tenant. Numerous options are available – from system of studies to ‘open space’ type or combined layouts. The public parts of the building are finished to high quality standards. The receptionist in the lobby controls access to the offices and gives directions to the visitors. The warehouse area is equipped with modern wide and handy loading platform. The space in front is envisaged to be accessible by TIR trucks. Warehouses are situated at three levels. Those that are not at the loading platform level are equipped with modern last generation freight and passenger lifts. The most convenient access to the building by car is through entrances ‘A’ and ‘C’. Entrance ‘C’ is also convenient for access of trucks. The restaurant “Pure” – a la carte offering mainly Italian cuisine is on the ground floor. Building 15 of the Trade Center Europe won the prestigious award 'Building of the year for 2011’ in the ‘multifunctional buildings and compounds’ category. Building 15 is the first building in Bulgaria certified according to the world renowned British standard for sustainable and green buildings BREEAM. Owner of the building is “BNK” Ltd.