Parking zones

Parking is of high importance for the inhabitants of the strongly urbanized city environment. This problem is cardinally solved in Trade Center Europe. The complex disposes over 1200 parking lots for cars and vans and practically covers entirely the needs of the employees in the complex, leaving also free lots for the guests of the Trade Center. Parking in the complex is organized as follows:

  • Personal VIP parking lots in front of the central entrances of the office buildings reserved for the tenant companies managers
  • Parking zones with common parking conditions situated under the overhead road of  “Brussels” blvd. in the northern part of the complex next to the auto center, and in the southern part near to “Iskarsko shose” blvd.
  • Parking zones for clients: in front of the bank branches of FIB, UBB and DSK, in front of the Building 1 retail zones, next to the sport centre and all restaurants. 

The described organization turns Trade Center Europe into an oasis for easy and comfortable parking. This facility often is the determining factor for the choice to rent an office and warehouses at the territory of the complex.