Service-station for changing engine oil and tyres

Building 16 in Trade Center Europe is part of the policy of the Management for provision of additional services to the employees in the compound.

It accommodates car wash facilities and service-station for changing engine oil and tyres. 

Both services are available for employees and businesses in the compound and for outside customers. 

In seasons when to change tyres is imperative, it can be done here without waiting in lines, wasting nerves and valuable time. 

This service contributes to the image of Trade Center Europe as a closed autonomously functioning compound. 

The Autocenter is located in the northern part of the compound in front of the northern parking area. 

The building can be easily accessed through entrance ‘B’ from Iskarsko shose Blvd. and through entrance ‘A’ from Christopher Columbus Blvd. It is in close proximity of the restaurants Pure and Europe.